InQ (Innovation Quotient)….is there such a thing?

29 03 2010


Yep, its Monday morning and with about 12 hours sleep I am kicking to continue developing my innovation quotient, which is like emotional intelligence, but innovative. So the theme for this week will continue with Innovation with Employee’s, and I am working through some interviews with businesses who see themselves as innovative with their employees. Should be some exciting conversations!

What’s Your InQ? (Innovation Quotient)

What's your Organisations InQ

Is there such a thing as InQ? Can we measure it?

There are IQ (Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional) tests out there to determine where you sit above or below the rest of the class, however is there a test for your business Innovation Quotient – InQ? I found an interesting study from the Gallup Management Journal (Engaged Employees Inspire Company Innovation). For me, the key take out from this article is the link between engaged employees, and how likely they are to feel supported to express creative ideas – even bad ones (if there is such a thing).

I’ve aways been an advocate for the engagement of your people, from the simple issues to the most complex problems.

Engaged employees feel more secure that their idea’s and suggestions will be heard. Think about the last time you put forward an idea that seemed far-fetched. How was the response? Were you laughed at, or were you supported, encouraged?

Even more importantly, when was the last time you had the chance to develop a ‘crazy’ idea to its fruition, and receive kudos for its success?

Now look at it from the point of view of your team – how do YOU respond when they throw an idea out for all to hear?

I’m not sure how you can assess an organisation InQ, or even if you should. Could we stifle innovation by putting a measure on it? Do we measure based on how extreme, unique, different, unlikely to be copied, etc, an “innovation” is?

One of the key factors to innovative success is in its acceptance, and like any change, no matter how great an idea, no matter how well the concept is received, its failure, or it’s success is determined more by the implementation than the innovation.

Are you engaging your employees to support or to stifle Innovation?