Not all business owners have a need, or see the need, for a Full Time Salaried HR Manager – let alone a HR department. Yet the People Stuff (what HR is really about) is there to be managed by someone – and that is usually the guy/girl who runs the business.

People Motion can provide a range of services to help you with your People Stuff, working with you as much or as little as YOU need.

Change happens EVERY DAY in small business!! The smallest change can act like a lever to create the biggest issues for your people, and often you can’t pinpoint what that lever was. People Motion can help with the working through of organisational changes, specifically around the ‘stuff’ that comes up for people when your take away the things they like (or give them new things to like) People Motion can work with your business as much or as little as you need.

From developing and implementing strategies to work through changes, to the more operationally focussed administrivia of “HR” (ie Human Resources), People Motion can work with you to help get the most from your people. Like having a HR Manager on call, but only paying for what you need.

People Motion can help you with a broad range of “People Stuff” (otherwise referred to as “Human Resources”, I focus on the below areas

  • Organisational Change Management
  • Behavioural Assessments (People Motion uses The Predictive Index)
  • Workshop  Development and Facilitation
  • HR Planning
  • Performance Management

The mission of People Motion is to Involve business owners and their people in becoming inspired in the development of Innovation, in the business, and in their own capabilities.

Contact geoff@peoplemotion.com.au or

0437 772 726 to talk with Geoff Snowden about your needs.

(PS – Sorry the e-mail address isn’t a link, you’ll need to “cut and paste” into your e-mail address to get in contact via e-mail. This is to stop the unscrupulous spammers out there who clog up e-mail, which means less spam for me, and a quicker response to you!)


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