Switch Off

7 04 2010

I think in today’s online environment we are bombarded with information. If you do a search on any topic via the web, you’ll get hundreds of references, some relevant, some not so relevant, for your topic of choice.

This morning I came across a blog from Nic Askew which has inspired me to simplify a few things in my life right now (and I encourage you to check it out).

You would know by now I am an advocate of making time for your people and meeting their needs. So this next comment could seem a little contradictory.

Switch Off Your Life……..

I have often been met with resistance from managers when I suggest they allocate an hour each day to switching off. No mobile. No e-Mail. No Teleconference. No Multitasking. No To-Do List. No Interruptions. Just an hour to think about your needs.

Get a nice pen,  a journal with good quality paper, and write out what ever comes up for you in the moment.

It is in these moments of allowing yourself to switch off from all the distractions, to just be in the moment, when you stop trying to think about how to innovate, that you are some times at your most innovative.

I challenge you to take an hour out of your day for yourself, and just be.

Let me know what comes up for you!




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